Three Nifty Things to Include in your New Bathroom Design

When we speak to homeowners about their dreams for a new bathroom design they tend to focus on the ‘big’ stuff. The walk-in shower, the roll top bath, the wall hung WC. It’s great to know what you want when it comes to the main features. But it’s also important – and exciting – to think about the finishing touches too. The stuff that really sets off your new bathroom and makes you smile every time you go in there!

Here are our top three nifty things we reckon you should make sure come as standard in your new bathroom.

Bathroom 21.    Anti-Fog Mirrors

Also known as demister mirrors, these are a must for steamy rooms. The clever technology allows you to see clearly no matter how steamed up things get. There are plenty of beautifully stylish anti-fog mirrors available, including some really pretty ones with inset LEDs, and it’s easy to find something that blends nicely with your new décor.

3D Toilette halb offen Draufsicht

2.    Auto-Close Loo Seat

We all love a soft-close loo seat but auto-close is the latest in bathroom design must-haves. Auto-close takes the soft-close concept a step further, maintaining the smooth action but incorporating further automation that basically makes sure that when you forget to put the seat down, the toilet steps in to save the day!

It includes a bit of technology involving an infrared sensor that scans the area for loo patrons once the seat has been opened. As soon as no bodies are detected, the seat automatically closes, putting an end to the age old argument of who left the loo seat up.

3.    Waterproof TV

modern bathroomThese days we’re asked more and more to include a television in a new bathroom design. Bathroom TVs are definitely becoming more commonplace and that’s because technology has really come on. Now you can get a mist-proof screen and a fully waterproof construction for in the region of £350 for a 19 inch LCD-HD TV.

There are a few models that incorporate a clever mirror tint screen concept so when the TV is switched off the screen can be used as a mirror. Look for makes like Aquatek, WaterVue and TechVision.

If you fancy incorporating any of these features into your new bathroom design, give Aspire a call!

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