How to get the Most Out of a Small Bathroom

Small bathroomHaving a small bathroom is one of the most common complaints we hear from homeowners. It’s not always possible to physically make the bathroom bigger (although we can always make suggestions using the expertise of our sister company Aspire Building!).

But we have plenty of tricks up our sleeves to help homeowners make the most out of what is often the smallest room in the house, and many of them don’t cost a fortune either.

Small Bathroom Inspiration

  • Plan a bath. Small bathrooms can still have a bath if they are cleverly planned. If space is extremely tight, a three-quarter sized tub could be the answer.
  • Get clever with storage. By building in a cupboard or two under the sink, in a corner or on a wall – or even into the bath panel – there’s a way to hide clutter that will often shrink the visual appearance of a bathroom.
  • Rethink heating. Large bulky radiators can make walls unusable for anything other than being a home to a radiator. Save precious space by fitting underfloor heating or specially designed space-saving radiators. A heated towel rail lets towels dry and keeps clothes warm to boot, and is popular for bathrooms with underfloor heating.
  • Get the lighting right. We think that adding a number of spot lights rather than having one bulky light fitting can make the room look more spacious, and spot lighting is more ambient too.
  • Go Invisible. For very small rooms, a fully clear, almost invisible floor-to-ceiling shower enclosure creates an illusion of more space.
  • Go Compact. There are plenty of options out there when it comes to compact sanitary ware and lately we’ve seen some of the smallest cisterns in our experience. If there’s a limited space to work with, we think we could probably guarantee to find a suite to fit.

Expert Advice Makes all the Difference

Luxury bathroom with vessel sinkUsing a professional bathroom design and installation company can help too. Here at Aspire Bathrooms we’ve refurbished bathrooms of all sizes and can tell you that small bathrooms really don’t have to lack in the style and functionality that the rest of the house has. The key to success is in the planning. Our bathroom design experts offer clever space saving solutions that will make even the smallest of bathrooms appear roomier.

If you have a small bathroom that’s in need of big inspiration, give us a call on 01932 781015 and we can bounce some ideas around for you.

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