How to Choose a Bathtub to Suit Your Bathroom Design

The bathtub is the focal point of any bathroom design. When you embark upon your bathroom renovation, you may think that you have to go for a bog standard tub. That’s simply not true: no matter what size bathroom you have, as long as there’s space for a bathtub, you can choose one to be proud of! 

Soak in Style 

A bubble bathWhether you opt for a classic rectangular bath with a fitted bath panel, or something more traditional such as a roll top bath, you can choose a tub to suit your needs.

If your bathroom design includes period features, then a roll top bath is the obvious choice, but you can also use such a bath as a focal point in a more modern setting, too. Rectangular baths look sleek and contemporary, and can incorporate many different types of bath panel, including panels that conceal hidden storage.

If you’re overhauling your bathroom, think about the use of the tub as part of the bathroom renovation. For example, you might want to choose a double ended tub with taps in the middle for family bathing, or a p-shaped bath for showering in, too.

Size Matters 

Bathroom in the atticOf course, the size and shape of your bathroom will often determine what size bath you can have. Standard baths are usually either 1700mm x 700mm, or the slightly wider 1700mm x 750mm, but you don’t have to be dictated to by these measurements.

How about opting for a shorter but deeper bath for the ultimate immersion experience? If you’ve got a wider room, you may want to opt for a slightly larger tub, particularly if it will be used to bathe little ones in. Just think of all of that extra ‘splash-ability’! Similarly, smaller bathrooms can benefit from specially designed slimmer, triangular baths.

Don’t be afraid to go down the route of a corner bath as part of your bathroom design, either. The older versions may now be a little out of vogue, but there are many modern alternatives, including those that incorporate whirlpool technology.

Soaking Material 

Woman take bubble  bath.The material that you choose for your bath is also important. Acrylic baths are the most common, but you might want to consider a traditional cast iron bath which will be primed ready for painting in your colour scheme.

For added period charm, how about a copper bath? Many versions are lightweight too, so you don’t have the added worry of the room’s floor strength as part of your bathroom renovation, as you may have to with a cast iron bath.

There’s also the luxury of a stone resin bath. This is the ultimate in bathroom design, giving a very organic feel to any bathing experience.

Whatever type of bath suits your taste, we are happy to recommend a tub to suit your lifestyle too so don’t hesitate to get in touch. There’s plenty of choice, so just sit back, relax and enjoy the soak!

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