How to Get Creative with Heated Towel Rails

The design of radiators has come a long way. Where once they were just a functional piece of heating equipment they are now stylish additions to a room. This is no more noticeable than in heated towel rails for bathrooms.

Heated Towel RailThe range of designs, finishes, shapes and sizes mean there is now a heated towel rail to suit all bathrooms. Fitting heated towel rails is one of the most popular jobs now for our team and, with such fantastic choice available, it’s easy to see why.

With such a wide range of towel rails available we advise all our bathroom renovation clients to allow for one at bathroom design stage. They are a functional way of heating the room and drying towels and with the range of rails available they’re a stylish addition too.

Finding a Towel Rail to Suit Your Home

It can be tricky to make the right choice amongst so much variety. But don’t worry because our experts are on hand to help find the right rail to suit both your needs and your bathroom.

We look at size first. A large towel rail that will be used to also heat the room will need a whole wall to itself. While this is fine if the bathroom is large enough to accommodate the rail, it can be troublesome for smaller rooms, taking space away from much needed storage. This is where clever design comes in.

There’s So Much Choice in Heated Towel Rails!

Today’s heated towel rails can be fitted at waist height to allow foLuxury bathroom with vessel sinkr the fitting of storage too, or even into recesses in walls to maximise useable space. They can be multifunctional too with mirror finishes and backdrops and are available in horizontal or vertical styles to suit the shape of the room. To add to their interest finishes include chrome and stainless steel, matt or gloss and a choice of colour schemes.

We think a heated towel rail is a must in any bathroom, whether you are installation a new bathroom or sprucing up an existing one. Need advice or inspiration? Get in touch!

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