Bathroom Trends 2014: What’s on the Horizon?

Bathrooms, like any room in the house, are subject to the ups and downs of interior fashion. What was all the rage at the beginning of the decade is now all changing as 2014 approaches.

Whether you’re undergoing a whole refurbishment or just some minor updating, here’s a look at the hottest trends in bathrooms for the New Year.

Return of the Sleek

Since the beginning of the decade, homes have been undergoing a ‘shabby chic’ make-over with the emphasis on mismatched furniture, country inspired prints and the ‘distressed’ look. As the style reaches its peak, the style hunters and trend forecasters have declared the end of mixed-up interiors and predict a return to classic lines and heritage colours.

IMG_4272IMG_4272Showe RoomBathrooms will reflect this change in style too, with sleeker lines and more organic shapes. Fittings will echo this with a focus on wood and other natural materials such as stone and marble. Bathroom trends next year will take inspiration from luxury spas: soothing, organic-looking and sleek.

Colour Me Clean

Colours are all set to change too and 2014 is set to be a less vibrant affair. Colours and tones will be less bright and muted tones of grey, cream, white and straw will prevail.  Earth tones are preparing to make a come-back coupled with darker natural colours such as dark greys and browns for woodwork and features.

Storage SolutionsThumb - bathroom

To match these clean, organic lines, storage to hide away all the daily bathroom clutter is making a comeback. Open shelves with products on display are being replaced by smart storage solutions that optimise space and keep products neatly out of sight.

We’re excited about these bathroom trends for 2014. Here at Aspire making better use of space and adding clever storage are major bathroom design considerations. So we look forward to a return to working with this natural colour scheme and materials.

Is your bathroom in need of a make-over? Contact Aspire Bathrooms to discuss your ideas and to book a free initial consultation.

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