Bathroom Design Trends: Countertop Sinks

There is a big trend at the moment in bathroom design towards countertop sinks. Instead of being inset into a vanity unit, these basins sit atop anything from a stylish plinth to a counter or cabinet.

Countertop basins really do have a contemporary appeal and there are numerous options when it comes to style, so something to suit every taste and interior décor. You could go for a striking granite basin to blend in with a natural stone bathroom. These have a great deal of charm and appeal as they are carved from a slab of granite, so each is different. So if you like the feeling of having something unique in your bathroom, this is for you.

There are plenty of other natural stone options too and then you have your nice, clean white styles that look amazing when punctuated with classy chrome taps.

Bathroom sink countertop

Countertop sinks are the latest trend in bathroom design.

Lots of Choice

There is an array of shapes, sizes and styles to choose from too. If you are into angular design then go for a rectangular basin. Or if smooth lines are more your thing then opt for a circular or pebble style sink. There are plenty of options in between too. There are countertop sinks with tap ledges for your soap or other paraphernalia, or others that are literally just basins and really do grasp the minimalist look.

Go Radical

We like countertop basins as his and hers sinks and you could even go really radical and mismatch them to make a real statement, perhaps by clashing colours – black and white – or different cuts of natural stone.

Whatever you go for, you can be sure your visitors will comment on your nod to the avant-garde when they see your countertop basins in your new bathroom design!

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