What Every Homeowner Wants: an Easy-Clean Bathroom!

Whether you’re a landlord looking for less hassle, or you’re just fed up of cleaning that darn toilet, there’s something that would make housekeeping a lot simpler for all of us: an easy-to-clean bathroom!

Many people’s priorities change when it comes to a second bathroom renovation. In our experience, the first time people refit a bathroom it’s all about how stylish it looks and all the added extras. The second time the bathroom is refurbished, it’s suddenly about how easy it is to look after and keep clean. And we don’t blame you! So with that in mind, here are our top tips for picking an easy to maintain, easy to clean bathroom:

Go Grout-less 

You may not have considered an alternative to tiles, but what’s the worst possible look for a bathroom? You’ve got it: gunged-up grout. Large scale solid surfaces are a great alternative to tiles, and include stone or even vinyl wall coverings, which have come a long way in recent years.

If you do want to use tiles, opt for large format tiles as part of your bathroom refurbishment, as this will minimise the amount of grout you’ll have to scrub.

Shower Room

Go Frameless

Shower frames are notorious for collecting gunk. Why not, therefore, choose a frameless shower screen or shower enclosure as an easy maintenance option? What’s more, this will also give your bathroom renovation a more streamlined, open feel.

Go Wall Mounted 

cleaning toiletIf you’re after a totally new look, why not choose wall hung fixtures for your next bathroom refurbishment? There’s nothing more disgusting than having to clean round the bottom of the toilet and by opting for a wall mounted basin and toilet you’ll have less to clean, as they naturally catch less dust and grime.

While we’re on the subject of toilets, you can also choose rimless loos nowadays, which make that most horrid of cleaning jobs just that little bit easier!

Go Quiet

Mould is the enemy in every bathroom. The key to making sure that you don’t have to battle mildew and mould once you’ve finished your bathroom renovation is proper ventilation.

If you’re going the whole hog and are having the windows in the room replaced as part of your bathroom refurbishment, make sure you choose ones that can be locked in an open position, as you can then leave the bathroom window slightly ajar without posing a risk to security.

Extractor FanAlternatively, choose the quietest extractor fan you can, and if possible, get one which can be set on a timer. This may sound cryptic, but if you choose a fan that makes a racket, you’ll never put it on when you should, so by going quiet, you’ll be extracting all of that excess steam without even thinking about it!

So there you have it. Just a few little tips and tricks we’ve picked up over the last 15 years’ worth of bathroom fitting, because we realise that you’ve got much better things to do than clean the bathroom!

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